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Important Notice

Please Note

This refresher course is only available to those who have already taken and completed the Asbestos Awareness In Association With BiKBBI course.

If you have not yet completed that course, our system will not allow you to access this Refresher Course.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept certificates from other providers to enrol you in this course.

Check you are eligible like this:

  • Log in to your CCUK account.
  • Visit the ‘My Account‘ page.
  • If the ‘Asbestos Awareness In Association With BiKBBI’ course is listed with ‘Course Progress 100%’, please continue. You are ready for your Refresher Course.
  • If this course is not listed or shows less than 100% completed, please go back and complete it first.

If you have completed the course on our site previously you would have received a certificate similar to the one below. If you haven’t completed the course on this site and therefore don’t have a certificate like the one below you will not be eligible to begin this course.

If this is the case please click here to enrol in our BiKBBI course.

Still not sure? Get in touch.

Use The Same Email Address

When purchasing, please use the same email address / login you used to take the Awareness Course.

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