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As asbestos experts, we believe that CCUK has a duty of care to address the lack of knowledge and awareness around the risks of exposure.

Asbestos is the single greatest cause of work related deaths in the UK, and yet most students, young people and even some in employment, have no idea what it is or the health hazards it poses! With our education and industry partners CCUK aims provide high-quality Asbestos Awareness training for all.


Asbestos is a highly dangerous material, with a history of causing suffering, illness and death to people from all walks of life.

By working with relevant charitable causes that help support the people it affects we hope to alleviate suffering and improve awareness. That’s why we pledge to give 10% of all our profits to the following organisations that provide this important help.

The Furniture Makers’ Company

The Furniture Makers’ Company is the British furnishing industry’s charity, which fosters and supports the industry by educating for the future, supporting those in need and inspiring excellence.

Find out more on their website: http://www.furnituremakers.org.uk/.

Proud to support The Furniture Makers’ Company | Central Compliance UK

We are very grateful to CCUK for choosing The Furniture Makers’ Company, the furnishing industry’s charity, as a key beneficiary. In addition to on-going regular contributions, CCUK was the main sponsor for our 2016 Royal Charter Appeal, which raised £20,000. The money raised is being used to support college, BA and MA students around the country who are studying furnishing related courses.

Testimonial Jonny Westbrooke
Jonny Westbrooke
CEO, The Furniture Makers’ Company