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We want you to be as comfortable on our site as you are with our products. That’s why it’s important for you to feel in the loop about how our site operates.

You have every right to not accept cookies on this site and can withdraw consent for usage at any time. The only time where we may be unable to delete your cookie data is when this could infringe the rights of a third party (including our rights) or if you wanted us to delete information that has to be kept by law. Relevant exemptions are included in both the GDPR and in the Data Protection Act 2018. If you wish to exercise these rights, to enquire about cookie usage, or to make a complaint please contact us at support@centralcompliance.uk.



Cookies are little packets of information that are stored on whichever device you have used to visit our site. In most instances these cookies are stored in your web browser.

A cookie will ‘remember’ where you have been on our website in the past, effectively making it easier for you to use the site in the future. For example, if you’ve visited the site and added something to the basket.

Cookies aren’t viruses and can be deleted at any time by clearing your browser history and saved cookie data or by changing the cookie settings on the relevant device.



Cookies are a great way to optimise your experience on the site; they will allow the site to remember your preferences, share pages on social media, and to keep a record of whether you’ve added a product to your basket for a future visit. They also help us to understand whether the site is working well and if it isn’t, where we can make improvements.



There are different types of cookie, but it’s easy to split them into easily definable categories.

Necessary cookies: we need these cookies to operate our site. They will help you navigate through pages and use any particular features and are stored in the memory of your device while you are browsing. After a certain amount of time these cookies will be deleted from device automatically, after your browser has been closed Disabling these cookies will affect your experience on the site.

Analytical cookies: we find these cookies useful as they help us collect anonymous data about our site, such as number of visitors, time spent on the site or on specific pages, as well as how we can make improvements.

Functional cookies: these cookies remember the choices you make on the site, enabling an enhanced browsing experience. If you’ve made any changes to fonts or text sizes, for example, these cookies will ensure the site remembers. They ensure your preferences for the site remain for the next time you visit us.

Tracking cookies: we sue these to find out which site has referred you to ours.

Targeting cookies: these cookies are only added with your express consent, which will be given when closing the cookie consent banner or clicking away from it and continuing to browse the site. These cookies are usually placed by our advertising partners. Should you delete your cookies at any time and later visit the site, your will see the consent banner again.

Social cookies: these are external cookies and are used when you want to share what you’ve been doing on our site on social media.

Pixel cookies: also known as tags. They are placed on pages on the site and make a note of what page you’ve visited. These are not held on your device, but do help us to understand general, and anonymous, user behaviour.

By accepting our cookie policy in our consent banner or continuing to browse after seeing the banner, you are consenting to allowing cookies to be used. You can remove consent at any time – just disable cookies in your browser or delete your cookies. However, if you do not allow cookies, or delete them, you may be unable to access all areas or features of the site which may in turn affect your shopping experience.

We will be updating and improving and changes to the ways we use cookies and we will keep this page updated with the cookies we use. Please also refer to our Privacy Policy.



Should you want to learn more about cookies, the links below are a useful resource.





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