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Australia’s Asbestos Problem – Who is Responsible?

Australia’s Asbestos Problem - Who is Responsible?

We continue in our blog series on the asbestos contamination crisis currently ongoing in Australia. To find out more read our previous post here.

The NSW government has recently alleged that a landscaping products manufacturer supplied the mulch that was discovered in sites all across the major city.

The company’s site in Bringelly, located in the south-west of Sydney, was served with four separate clean-up notices by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) following multiple asbestos pollution incidents prior to them owning the site.

The business in question has vehemently denied being the source and have decided to launch a legal battle and stated that their mulch was previously tested before the initial tainted mulch came back as negative.

The EPA is now overseeing tests which are based on the contact and supply tracing of the product.

However, the potential of a second supplier is now being discussed by the group following testing from two landowners independent of the EPA’s own work and told the watchdog of their positive results.

A spokesperson for the EPA recently assured the public that it will be following up on all positive notifications. “Our investigators are working to gain more information about this possible second supplier and we will provide more updates when we have confirmed details and have assessed the risks related to this supplier”.

To find out more on this story take a look at reporting from the BBC, Daily Mail and The Guardian.


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