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Category: CCUK News

FDA Report May Leader To Stricter Asbestos Testing

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have started to move further down the path towards more stringent testing standardisations when looking at asbestos fibres in cosmetic products that contain talc This follows the discovery in recent years of asbestos traces in several products such as children’s toys, crayons and makeup based products.

This latest move comes after they released a 124-page document recently which was written by the Interagency Working Group on Asbestos in Consumer Products, which features eight different U.S federal agencies that were chosen by the FDA......

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Death of Former Electrical Board Worker Heading to Inquest

An inquest has been told how the death of a former employee of the electrical board on Christmas day could be partly because of asbestosis that he had caught due to his work.

Brian Hayes who died at the age of 87 was a retired weaving shed employee for the electrical board and the court was told how Mr Hayes’ cause of death, aspirational pneumonia had been brought on by the asbestos related lung disease.

The coroner for the case, Timothy Brennand explained that “It seems to me that there are a......

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Asbestos Fears Following Fire at Nottingham Garage

It was recommended last week for residents in Thames Street, Nottingham area to keep their doors and windows closed recently due to asbestos fears as fire service crews had tackled a fire in the region.

The blaze which originated in a garage in Bulwell just before 11:15pm on Tuesday 4th January, saw approximately 60 firefighters attend the scene. The Nottinghamshire fire and rescue service explained that there was now a "risk of asbestos in the smoke" from the fire which at that time was still being fought.

The owner of a neighbouring......

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Best of 2021 Blogs

As we enter a brand new year we wanted to take a moment to hgighlight some of stories that we have covered on our blogs in 2021.

To start off with lets take you back to early in the year and the story of asbestos in schools that we have have looked into multiple times this year and that started with the worry of asbestos in Welsh schools, to read more go to our blog here.

Another story that we covered in different periods of the year is......

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Pantomime Forced to Shut Down Due to Asbestos Fears

Alban Arena in St Albans have had to cancel their Christmas pantomime of ‘Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs’ starring Holby City actress Chizzy Akudolu, which the venue has explained is because "Significant works are needed to the affected area, which is in a hard to get at spot," after an "asbestos-related situation".

This came after the theatre had to cancel performances earlier in December once the asbestos issue was discovered in the 53 year old building as safety pre caution. On their website, St Albans City and District Council have......

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20 years Old Asbestos Exposure Leads to Death of IT worker

Roy Williams, from Ammanford in Carmarthenshire, had three sons - all of whom followed in his footsteps into the IT industry. Jason, his middle boy, had no idea this job might ultimately end his life. However, 20 years later and then a father of two teenagers he was diagnosed with mesothelioma, a form of cancer linked to asbestos exposure.

Tragically, Jason died only six months later at just 45 years-old. In a recent interview with the BBC his father, Roy Williams, is urging bosses in the private and public sectors to......

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Asbestos Committee Meetings Commence

The Commons Work and Pensions Committee have now held their first meeting on the affect asbestos has had on teachers and pupils in UK schools, we covered the idea behind these meetings in our blog from last week which you can read about here. At the meeting Charles Pickles, founder of campaign group Airtight on Asbestos, gave the commons a stark warning that because of asbestos-related illnesses 200 to 300 children are having the lives shortened “just as a result of going to school”. Fervent campaigner Mr Pickles also......

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MPs Starting Investigation into Asbestos Deaths Among Teachers

This month a committee of MPs have started to investigate the dangers faced by UK hospital staff as well as teachers and pupils in schools across the country from potential asbestos exposure. This comes after warnings from campaign groups that the current measures are not enough to curb these preventable deaths linked to the dangerous substance.

Between the years 2001 and 2016 it has been reported that 305 teachers have died from Mesothelioma however, according to campaign group Airtight on Asbestos, the real number is likely to be higher. The group’s......

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Fire at Carlisle Recycling Centre Leads to Asbestos Fears

Asbestos fears have been raised in Carlisle after hundreds of tonnes of wate at a recycling centre went ablaze earlier in November. This took place at a unit which contained different materials such as wood, plastics and regular household waste.

Cumbrian police issued a warning telling those living nearby to ensure they have their doors and windows closed as a precaution due to the roof of the unit containing asbestos leading to worries the fibres could spread in the area.

The fire and rescue service for Cumbria remained on site for multiple......

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Inquest Hears of Derbyshire Man Exposed to Asbestos Working at a Power Station

An inquest held at Derby Coroner’s Court in October, looking into the death of a labourer from Derbyshire has heard how he died after being exposed to deadly asbestos whilst working at a power station without the necessary protective equipment.

87 year old Reginald Coleman, who died at his home in March of this year suffered from multiple illnesses that all linked back to his asbestos exposure. During the 1960s Mr Coleman along with his brother, who also died from asbestos exposure three years ago, worked as general labourers at the......

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