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Mesothelioma UK appoints new head of nursing

Mesothelioma UK appoints new head of nursing

A national asbestos-related cancer charity (Mesothelioma UK) has appointed Leah Taylor as the new head of nursing. In her new role, Leah will work closely with the charity’s operational team and trustees as well as providing strategic leadership to the charity’s network of 34 UK clinical nurse specialists.

Leah previously worked as team leader for the Mesothelioma UK North of England team and is currently based at the Wansbeck General Hospital, Northumbria. The appointment follows the retirement of former UK head of nursing, Lorraine Creech, who leaves the charity after eight years.

Following the appointment of her new role, Mrs Taylor states: “I am honoured to take up the role of head of nursing at Mesothelioma UK, I would like to celebrate the contribution of my predecessor Lorraine Creech, who set out our first vision and strategy for mesothelioma nursing and look forward to building on this inspiring work. We continue to have a strong nursing presence in England and Scotland and have ongoing, exciting projects in Wales and Northern Ireland which are essential to ensure our nursing expertise is available throughout the UK.

Mesothelioma UK chief executive, Liz Darlison, said: “Leah has all the right skills, expertise and experience to step into the head of nursing role, which has been developed so effectively by Lorraine. We wish Lorraine a long and happy retirement and are delighted that Leah has accepted the promotion to continue the work to further our vision for mesothelioma nursing.”


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