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Spanish Report Proves Asbestos Bans Work in Preventing Mesothelioma

Spanish Report Proves Asbestos Bans Work in Preventing Mesothelioma

A recent study that was conducted by epidemiologists in Spain has backed up the long held belief by victims of mesothelioma that bans on asbestos work to protect anyone else from getting the deadly disease.

Published in the Spanish medical Journal Gaceta Sanitaria, the report completed analysis of previous asbestos and mesothelioma studies and used those reports to show showed that although every type of asbestos does pose a potential risk, there are specific types of the mineral that contain fibres that are particularly harmful.

The highest mesothelioma rates were in those who were exposed to the amphiboles strand of asbestos, the fibres of which are both longer and thinner than the other types which helps the fibre to become stuck in the body a lot easier.

Currently 67 countries across the world have banned the use of asbestos however amongst other prominent countries, the United States is yet to completely ban the potentially deadly material and despite the efforts of campaigners it is still commonly used it in the chemical industry. The last year has however provided hope to those wanting a complete ban with the EPA re-evaluating their current position and other asbestos policies boosting the hopes of campaigners.


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