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Thailand Study Explores Risks of Mesothelioma

Thailand Study Explores Risks of Mesothelioma

Over the last 100 years the risks of asbestos and subsequently mesothelioma has been continually explored across the world and recently a study from Thailand was published that further reveals the risks of the disease and the struggle to protect people from being exposed to it.

The target of their study was to determine the number of people in Thailand that died with traces of asbestos in their lungs in the period of one year. The analysis they conducted showed that of 200 autopsies the substance was present in nearly half of them (48.5%) with the gender, cause of death and age not even considered with this research. Shockingly there were even traces found in the lungs of a two-year-old who died of congenital heart disease.

After their findings were reported co author of the study, Dr Pimpin Incharoen, shared his surprise at the high level of asbestos found. This number is much higher than in 1985 when a similar study found only 33% of the autopsies had traces, he believes this is a clear indication of the struggle of removing asbestos from the body once it has been inhaled.


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