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County with asbestos history looking to increase testing

County with asbestos history looking to increase testing

Lincoln County, America, has a long and difficult history with asbestos, the legacy of which is having a real impact during the current coronavirus pandemic.

In Libby, Lincoln’s county seat, they used to mine vermiculite, which was contaminated with asbestos, until its close in 1990. As a result, it has been calculated by community officials that approximately 25% of residents suffer with various illnesses related to asbestos exposure. As COVID-19 is a respiratory disease, people from this county are at a high risk if infected.

As part of the County’s coronavirus testing strategy, it was unanimously agreed to create directives designed to improve participation in these measures.

In a letter sent from the county to US senators, Lincoln County officials Jon Tester and Steve Daines stated. “Our most effective management model is a robust testing system,” and “The biggest threat to management is the asymptomatic populace. Testing the symptomatic alone is chasing the virus, whereas random testing will allow us to diagnose asymptomatic ‘carriers,’ isolate them and keep carriers from our high-risk populace.”

The board are hoping to achieve roughly 1,300 random test per month on residents who may be at risk of carrying the disease, but they currently lack the means to do so. They have attached a list of supplies they would require in the senator letter.

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