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British Housebuilder Tackling Asbestos Waste Challenges

British Housebuilder Tackling Asbestos Waste Challenges

A British homebuilding company have become the first to proactively fight the obstacles posed by asbestos waste on jobs where it poses a real challenge and is still typically sent off from the site into landfills which don’t truly resolve the issue rather leaving it for future generations to face.

Lovell Homes have collaborated with Thermal Recycling to safely package and create a safe and reusable cement alternative out of the asbestos waste following its removal. The firm undertook a pilot scheme under a license from the Environment Agency together with their partners and assisted by researchers at Wolverhampton University. This trial was deemed a success which saw 25 tonnes of asbestos removed from demolished buildings at a building development in Derby.

Steve Jones, regional health safety and environmental manager for Lovell Midlands, said: “We have made a commitment to move towards reducing the amount of asbestos going to landfill. As such, this was an important environmental initiative for us to trial with Thermal Recycling and one that has proven that it is possible to solve the problems asbestos poses to the industry and future generations. This is a great step in our approach to circular economy, ensuring materials are recycled and reused rather than taken to landfill.”

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