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Derby workers with asbestos poisoning die from COVID-19

Derby workers with asbestos poisoning die from COVID-19

A pair of retired railway workers from Derby, Ronald Gray and Derek Wilmot, who had previously contracted asbestos-related illnesses have sadly died from coronavirus.

An inquest into their death was told how the men were regularly exposed to asbestos as a result of working on the railway during their long careers. Assistant Coroner Louise Pinder explained that both men died from Covid-19, contributed to by their industrial lung disease.

Mr Gray who passed aged 80, was an electrician and in 2015 he was informed that asbestos was having a significant impact on his lungs. Mr Wilmot, 81, worked for British Rail repairing coaches and wagons and was diagnosed with mesothelioma in 2018.
These further two cases demonstrate the deadly link between COVID-19 and suffering from any respiratory illness, including asbestos related diseases.

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