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November in Review

November in Review

Here’s a roundup of November’s talking points from the world of Asbestos that we haven’t already covered on the blog.

Asbestos Prosecution Following Gas Explosion in Chippenham

During November, a case was brought to Salisbury Magistrates Court in regard to a gas explosion in a flat in Chippenham during October of 2017 after construction work had taken place as part of flat developments.

After the explosion, the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) began an investigation the results of which found that the company contracted to advise and manage these developments, Prestige EA Ltd showed a failure to plan, manage and monitor the construction work and did not prevent people from being exposed tom asbestos, this included carrying out the incorrect type of asbestos survey meaning the work did not comply with the law.

The company, now liquidated, pleaded guilty to breaching Section 3 of the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 and were fined £2,000 and also ordered to pay costs of £3,000.


Dance Teacher Dies Due to Asbestos Exposure

Earlier in the month an inquest heard how Katrina Jane Early, a beloved dance teacher from Bournemouth, who died aged 59 in February of this year, had died due to exposure to deadly asbestos.

Mrs Earley ran a dance school in the Beaufort community centre in Bournemouth from 1993 until the manager of the venue told her to move locations due to asbestos being found in the hall. Her husband, told how “Dancing would disturb the loose blocks on the floor.” And explained “That is the only place where we know there was asbestos where she was.”

Dorset coroner Brendan Allen confirmed Mrs Early’s fitness “From the evidence available to me, Katrina Jane Earley was fit and well and had a physically demanding job.” And confirmed his belief that “Mrs Earley died as a consequence of industrial disease.”

A spokesman for the Beaufort Community Association said: “The Beaufort Community Association were very sad to hear of the passing of Katrina Earley who was one of the original supporters and regular hirer of the community centre for many years.” Also confirming that although they had not been contacted by the coroner’s office, they “are conducting due diligence and currently liaising with BCP Council who are the owners of the building from which the Beaufort Community Centre is based.”


Harlesden Community Request Debris gets Asbestos Check

Residents in Harlesden, London have been asking their council to perform checks on some debris that had been dumped outside a home in the area ensuring that it doesn’t contain asbestos.

Farhat Zaheer, a local resident, said: “We don’t know if there’s asbestos in the tiles or not as the council won’t test it.” Continuing he says “There seems to be a lack of responsibility and they are treating it as though it isn’t hazardous. They are avoiding it and it could be illegally flytipped.”

A spokesperson for Brent council which covers the area in North West London explained that they “Have received a report and an enforcement officer has been in contact with the owner of the property in question.” Also confirming that “The owner has been asked to cover and remove the tiles, as the waste is on private land and is therefore their responsibility. If these steps are not taken, we will serve a formal notice early next week.”


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