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Australian Dust Taskforce Publish Final Report

Australian Dust Taskforce Publish Final Report

Nearly two years after they were formed, the Australian National Dust Disease Taskforce has published their report which sets out their recommendations to tackling dust exposure in the country.

We covered the lead up to the publication of this report in a recent blog which you can read here.

The final report, released in July, outlines the taskforce’s seven recommendations that they believe are integral to combating exposure to this potentially deadly substance, these recommendations were:

  1. To strengthen the health and safety measures in all workplaces which can ensure that all workers will be protected from dust exposure, a particular problem in Australia in recent times is exposure to silica dust which could lead to devasting consequences.
  2. Progress forward the previous recommendation received from Interim Advice who said to develop the national guidance which helps to identify those who may be at risk to exposure and then improve the quality, coverage and how regular current or former workers receive health screenings.
  3. Implement the other advice given by Interim Advice to prevent exposure and prioritise investment into any prevention based activities.
  4. To improve support to workers that have been affected by any dust based diseases as well as their families with programs tailored to each individual with psychological, financial and back to work support put in place.
  5. Improve support for those who work in the medical, health or any other related professions for an improvement in diagnosing and managing those with silicosis.
  6. Move forward with the Interim Advice recommendation to implement a strategic approach across Australia to the research and development of a nationwide dust disease registry.
  7. Setup a governance mechanism that crosses jurisdictions which can improve the communication and information sharing as well as coordinating responses and progress reports with annual reports to be provided to Health ministers in every jurisdiction, with the first of these reports due in June 2022.

The next step for the country will be putting these recommendations into place in order this dangerous issue across the country.


You can find out more details on the above stories in the following article:



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