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Cumbria City Council Pay Out for Teaching Staff Asbestos Compensation Claims

Cumbria City Council Pay Out for Teaching Staff Asbestos Compensation Claims

Across the last ten years Cumbria City Council have paid out more than £300,000 to school staff in compensation following injuries sustained at the workplace.

Since 2012 the council have settled a total of 29 claims which include staff receiving compensation for slips, falls and assaults by their own pupils.

Teachers have also received pay-outs as a result of asbestos exposure from the school buildings. During the 2018/19 school year, one worker was paid over £200,000 due to a claim they made in 2006 after exposure to the deadly material years before that.

Chris Brooksbank who is the secretary of Cumbria’s National Education Union branch spoke on these claims saying “We’ve had school staff die after asbestos exposure. Like in industry asbestos is used – it’s in the majority of schools in cumbria. It’s been encapsulated so it should be safe. People would stick pins in asbestos boards in classrooms – unfortunately we know it kills people. It’s a national issue.” Of the county council, Mr Brooksbank said that they have done well to manage the health and safety risks for teachers in their schools.

The Cumbria City Council spokesperson said in relation to asbestos that “The county council provides guidance and for regular asbestos management surveys to be undertaken. These provide schools with an asbestos management action plan and it is schools’ responsibility to visually monitor the condition of any asbestos containing materials in their buildings, report damage and defects and take any action required to remedy defects. Again this is monitored via the health and safety audit programme.”


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