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Asbestos Found in British Film Studios

Asbestos Found in British Film Studios

Elstree Film Studios, located in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire have recently discovered asbestos in large sections of their ageing buildings which could be effecting the filming of some of the biggest shows on TV.

The studios which are home to TV phenomenon’s such as BBC hit ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, Netflix’s historical royal drama ‘The Crown’ and major daytime quiz shows ‘The Chase’ and ‘Pointless’. It has been confirmed that ‘Strictly’ will continue as planned as the show is made in an area that is not affected by this asbestos scare but all filming in other areas of the studios have been halted.

A Netflix spokesperson said of filming for ‘The Crown’ that they are ‘not filming on affected areas and production continues as planned. We await further information from Elstree with regards to any remedial work required.’

A spokesperson for the Studios said: “As a pre-cautionary measure, we are arranging asbestos checks in some areas of Elstree Film Studios to ensure they meet health and safety standards.” They continued “Our operations will resume as soon as investigations and any remedial work required are complete.”


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