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Category: Christmas

Pantomime Forced to Shut Down Due to Asbestos Fears

Alban Arena in St Albans have had to cancel their Christmas pantomime of ‘Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs’ starring Holby City actress Chizzy Akudolu, which the venue has explained is because "Significant works are needed to the affected area, which is in a hard to get at spot," after an "asbestos-related situation".

This came after the theatre had to cancel performances earlier in December once the asbestos issue was discovered in the 53 year old building as safety pre caution. On their website, St Albans City and District Council have......

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Asbestos At Christmas – Fake Snow

Until the it was widely known of the dangers that asbestos caused it was used as fake snow due to its resemblance to the ideal pure white, fluffy snowfall that we dream of each year. It was used in a variety of different areas such as in the Christmas displays in department stores, in the many households that used it to decorate their trees, ornaments, wreaths and around the home and in the factories that were creating the asbestos based fake snow.

The entertainment industry also found use for the substance......

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Asbestos At Christmas - Decorations

As Christmas comes around again and everyone is decorating their homes they may be handling asbestos if they are using decorations from the 19th century an era in which asbestos was in widespread use or even from the early 20th century where it was still prevalent, this may be the case when people are using decorations that have been in the family for many years.

Due to the texture and colour of the asbestos flakes it became the perfect fit to be used as a decorative element on wreathes and Christmas......

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