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Pantomime Forced to Shut Down Due to Asbestos Fears

Pantomime Forced to Shut Down Due to Asbestos Fears

Alban Arena in St Albans have had to cancel their Christmas pantomime of ‘Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs’ starring Holby City actress Chizzy Akudolu, which the venue has explained is because “Significant works are needed to the affected area, which is in a hard to get at spot,” after an “asbestos-related situation”.

This came after the theatre had to cancel performances earlier in December once the asbestos issue was discovered in the 53 year old building as safety pre caution. On their website, St Albans City and District Council have now also stated “We do not know exactly when the Alban Arena will reopen but it could be some weeks.”

The council also confirmed that along with the operators of the venue, 1Life that they knew about the presence of asbestos and have “been managing it for decades”, also explaining that when a specialist firm completed their annual asbestos condition survey that no cause for concern was flagged.                                   

The council have also recently revealed plans for Alban Arena to be demolished and replaced with a brand new entertainment venue and park were in the process of being designed but they have said this closure had nothing to do with the new proposals.


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