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The Aftermath of 9/11

The Aftermath of 9/11

Nearly two decades on from traumatic incident of 9/11, lower Manhattan residents and employees are experiencing a shocking increase in respiratory illnesses and cancer.

Many of these deaths have been connected to the release of asbestos and other such materials that had been used in the construction of the Twin Towers.

One of the victims, John Mormando, was working in nearby proximity to the Twin Towers and was diagnosed with breast cancer. This form of cancer is incredibly rare in men, even more so as there was no family history of the disease. Prior to his diagnosis, John had been in great shape, he was a marathon runner and a triathlete in training for an Ironman competition.

Such a huge turn of events was a complete shock for John and his family. The only explanation he could find was his workplace was nearby the 9/11 site and toxic fumes had surrounded the office for weeks.

John was not the only one who developed cancer following the attack. Tens of thousands of people who lived and worked in close proximity to the Twin Towers were breathing in toxic air filled with particles in the aftermath of the attack.

Local to accident workers reported that even in the week after the attack: “the towers were still burning and everything else crumbled around us. We were told that the air was fine, and we needed to get back to work,” he said. “It was ridiculous. It was horrible. The smell downtown was as pungent as you could imagine. There were buildings still on fire. Those buildings burned for months.”

Years later people are continually becoming seriously ill, developing cancer, or dying as a result of exposure and this is unlikely to improve in the near future.


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