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Asbestos Waste Found in Public Areas

Asbestos Waste Found in Public Areas

There have been a couple of recent discoveries of asbestos found in Britain, these demonstrate two of the common ways that asbestos ways is disrupting public areas. These are fly tipping and waste not being disposed of correctly and then appearing later down the line in a public area.

In Carmarthenshire, Wales a material was uncovered following coastal erosion that tests arranged by the council have now confirmed is asbestos. Concerns had been raised by local residents after children were seen decorating sandcastles on the stretch of beach near Burry Port harbour with this at the time unknown substance. It is believed that the debris is the remains of the Carmarthen Bay Power Station which used to stand behind the beach until it was demolished in the 1990s and there are now signs around the area of the beach warning that there may be asbestos material present.

After the results of the tests were revealed Cllr Philip Hughes, executive board member for public protection, said “Some remains of the power station that was located here and was demolished in the 1990s are being uncovered by coastal erosion – similar situations have occurred at other coastal locations across the UK where there is history of similar industry near the coast.” He continued “We are working closely with Public Health Wales and Natural Resources Wales on this matter and are in regular contact with Pembrey and Burry Port Town Council.”

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