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A&E Worker Left With Asbestos Frustrations

A&E Worker Left With Asbestos Frustrations

An Enfield resident has been left frustrated with the town council after they failed to clean up the asbestos problem in her children’s bedrooms.

Marsha Francis, an NHS worker living in Edmonton has said how she was left ‘fed up’ with the repeated delays in the asbestos removal which she believed should have been dealt with as a priority due to the dangerous nature of the material. Ms Francis told how the problem was first found after she had a contractor out fixing what was thought to be a leak in her roof when he spotted the potential deadly material and reported it to the council. They were asked to carry out an asbestos test in her home almost following this but despite multiple trips by contractors the problem still was not dealt with meaning her son and daughter were left unable to sleep in their rooms.

Marsha, who works in the A&E department of North Middlesex Hospital explained her frustrations with the situation “I’m going back and forth, back and forth. The asbestos is flaking, but no-one seems to be taking me seriously. We all know what asbestos is – it should be dealt with as an emergency. I’m at my wits’ end.”

A spokesperson for Enfield council addressed Marsha’s situation saying “A very low-grade asbestos [chrysotile] was discovered at Copperfield Mews. As soon as we were notified by our contractors, we made arrangements for the asbestos to be removed and an air test was carried out. We are sorry the resident had to contact us regarding its removal. This is a matter we will be addressing with the contractor.”

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