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HSE Launch New Site Inspection Initiative

HSE Launch New Site Inspection Initiative

Starting on Monday 4th October, Britain’s national workplace regulator for health and safety, the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) kickstarted a month long initiative focusing on inspections at construction sites of varying shapes and sizes across Great Britain to ensure workers are protected against dangerous dust inhalation.

This ranges from large scale commercial new builds to smaller projects such as domestic refurbishments that will be visited to check that all the necessary measures are in place to show that the health worker’s lungs are not in danger from dust exposure.

Inspectors from the HSE will be analysing how work on the sites are designed and planned out as well as the different measures put in place to look after the health of the works. This is because all employers have a responsibility under the law to protect the health of all of their workers!

It is of vital importance for all employers and employees to know their rights and responsibilities surrounding dust in the workplace and to find out more visit the HSE site here.


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