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Ayr Demolition Crew Halted for Asbestos Fears

Ayr Demolition Crew Halted for Asbestos Fears

A demolition crew brought in to work on the remnants of a massive gas explosions in Ayr, Scotland were halted recently due to fears that were asbestos containing materials in the debris.

Earlier in October a gas explosion hit in the area of Gorse Park, completely destroying one home, damaging others and hospitalising a family of four.

The houses that were worst effected in the blast are going to be flattened with a specialty team brought in to carry out the job. The team from the demolition company Caskie were told to halt proceedings when it was suspected that potential asbestos containing materials were on the site.

The Daily Record reached out to South Ayrshire council for comment and we will be sure to let you if there are any further updates on this.


You can find out more details on the above stories in the following article:


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