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Fire at Carlisle Recycling Centre Leads to Asbestos Fears

Fire at Carlisle Recycling Centre Leads to Asbestos Fears

Asbestos fears have been raised in Carlisle after hundreds of tonnes of wate at a recycling centre went ablaze earlier in November. This took place at a unit which contained different materials such as wood, plastics and regular household waste.

Cumbrian police issued a warning telling those living nearby to ensure they have their doors and windows closed as a precaution due to the roof of the unit containing asbestos leading to worries the fibres could spread in the area.

The fire and rescue service for Cumbria remained on site for multiple days after due to the nature of the blaze, with Phil Stannet from the service saying, “The actual premises are quite difficult to get into as it’s unsafe for firefighters to enter so we’re just trying to protect the other buildings on the site at the moment.” He continued, “There’s about 500 tonnes of mixed waste that’s been shredded, it includes plastics, wood and household waste and that’s well alight, as is the roof of the building which contains asbestos.”


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