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Asbestos Fears Following Fire at Nottingham Garage

Asbestos Fears Following Fire at Nottingham Garage

It was recommended last week for residents in Thames Street, Nottingham area to keep their doors and windows closed recently due to asbestos fears as fire service crews had tackled a fire in the region.

The blaze which originated in a garage in Bulwell just before 11:15pm on Tuesday 4th January, saw approximately 60 firefighters attend the scene. The Nottinghamshire fire and rescue service explained that there was now a “risk of asbestos in the smoke” from the fire which at that time was still being fought.

The owner of a neighbouring business, Paul Gawronski of PRG Vehicle Body Repairs told of the scale of the fire saying how “It looked quite dramatic, the flames were a good 15 foot above the roof of it, and that’s a double height building. It was quite the scene, there was a big platform where they were spraying water from right outside my business.” Mr Gawronski also explained one of his main fears saying All of these buildings are asbestos to my knowledge so obviously that was another worry.”

A spokesperson for Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service said: “The investigating into the cause of the fire is ongoing. But it is being delayed at the moment as the building is structurally unsafe.”

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