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Category: CCUK News

Petition of 25,000 delivered to FDA over asbestos in cosmetics

America - On 4th March, a petition with over 25,000 signatures was delivered to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) calling on them to require a more precise method of testing for asbestos in talc. The petition was created by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) along with the National Women’s Health Network, the American Association for Justice and Unite for Reproductive & Gender Equity.

The petition comes after tests revealed products sold by popular retailers ‘Claire’s’ and ‘Justice’ contained traces of the deadly substance. On top of this, tests governed by......

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Calls Made for Parliament to Prevent ‘Next Asbestos’

A group of MPs are calling for the government to take action to protect construction workers from the preventable illness silicosis, a chronic lung disease contracted by the inhalation of silica dust. Typically the condition develops after prolonged exposure, but some are affected sooner.
The All Party Parliamentary Group for Respiratory Health have said that more should be done to take on the problem of silica dust before it becomes the “next asbestos”. In their new report ‘Silica – the next asbestos?’, they make a number of recommendations to improve......

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February in Review

Here’s a round of February’s big talking points from the world of Asbestos.

Elizabeth Tower Rebuild Costs Rise
It was revealed that the cost of repairing the Elizabeth Tower, which houses Big Ben, rose by £18.6 million. The cause of the dramatic cost increase has been blamed on damage from a World War Two bomb being more extensive than initially thought, along with the discovery of asbestos at the site.

The cost of conservation work on the nearly 180 year old structure, which is due for completion at the end of 2021,......

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January in Review

Despite being in a new year and a new decade there are still many news stories about asbestos breaking, here’s a round of January’s big talking points in the world of Asbestos.

Glasgow Charity Has Funding Cut
In January it was discovered that Glasgow-based charity, ‘Action on Asbestos’, had its funding stopped by the Glasgow city council. The charity was set up to help people who had been exposed to asbestos in the workplace.

Running for over 30 years, for the last 10 years they have had access to funding from the......

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The Woman Who Is Addicted To Eating Talcum Powder

A mother who, after the birth of her fifth child, started eating her favourite Johnson baby powder claims she can “scoff” an entire bottle in a day. Lisa Anderson began eating the powder 15 years ago due to an “overwhelming” desire to eat it, claiming it “just hit the spot”. Since the start of her addiction Ms Anderson estimates to have spent £8,000 on the bathroom staple.

Believing to suffer from the eating disorder PICA, an eating disorder characterised by a compulsion to eat inedible objects like stones, dust, paint etc,......

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Asbestos at The Olympics – Tokyo

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics committee have said they will be taking “emergency countermeasures” after it was discovered that there was asbestos at the water polo venue after having initially decided against treating it when it was discovered two years ago, it was reported by the Asahi newspaper on Monday.

The report claimed the potentially deadly substance was found by the Tokyo government in fireproof material sprayed on part of the supporting structure for the Tokyo Tatsumi International Swimming Centre's roof. Despite the regulations for the Japanese construction industry stating that all......

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UK Asbestos Exposure

According to a new report by thinktank ResPublica, the regulation of asbestos in Britain is so inadequate that a child could be exposed to up to 10 times as much of the deadly material as they would in many other European countries.

The report is heavily critical of the current regulatory regime, directly comparing the levels allowed in the UK to those in Germany:

“A child inhales between five and 10 cubic metres of air per day, meaning the permitted levels of airborne asbestos......

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Asbestos use by Breweries

Scientists at the universities of Cambridge and Liverpool have claimed that beer filtered with asbestos may be the cause behind a large increase in the diagnosis of gullet cancer, with this exposure potentially being the reason for a four-fold increase in cases.

Until the 1980s, some breweries used this toxic mineral to filter out impurities in beer. It is also thought that some pub owners would even add a handful of the deadly material to leftovers at the end of their shift for ‘cleansing’, so it could be served the following......

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Asbestos in Universities

Last September, as many university students were about to start a new academic year, a Freedom of Information request filed by Stephensons Solicitors LLP to 106 universities in England, revealed the just how many of these institutions contained asbestos.

From the 91 universities that responded to the FOI request, 74% contain asbestos in the fabric of their buildings and 86% contain asbestos on their grounds.

The results of this enquiry led to Stephensons injury team calling on all universities to sufficiently inform students and staff about the hazardous material if it is......

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