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July in Review

July in Review

Here’s a roundup of July’s big talking points from the world of Asbestos that we haven’t already covered on the blog.

Pensioner Who Worked with Asbestos Awarded Compensation

Errol Lee, a former employee of A J Stimson & Son (Somerby) Ltd successfully brought forward a legal case against the business, this was for claims of asbestos exposure during his time working for them after he was diagnosed with mesothelioma.

It was confirmed by the court that during his period with the company they failed to adequately protect their workers from the deadly material, giving zero warnings as to the dangers of interacting with asbestos and not providing the correct PPE.

The court awarded Mr. Lee a six figure compensation payment at the conclusion of the trial, after which his solicitor, Phoebe Osborne, of Ashtons Legal, said “A financial settlement can never truly compensate for the loss of good health but it will help to ensure that Mr Lee can make the lifestyle adjustments that he needs while battling his cancer, and that he has peace of mind about his financial future.”

Mr Lee hopes to use his case to encourage other former colleagues to come forward if they are showing potential symptoms of the disease.


 Council Trying to Track Down Bury Fly Tippers

Bury council are trying to find the individuals who dumped potentially hazardous asbestos containing materials on a neighbourhood street. One of the local residents described the fly tippers as “fish, lazy and greedy with no consideration for anyone else”

A specialist asbestos removal was called out to the road after two men were spotted disposing of their possibly toxic rubbish. The safe removal of the waste cost the council £600. They have reminded residents to use licensed waste disposal services only or be faced with a serious fine or a potential prison sentence.


 Widow in Search for Answers in Possible Asbestos Related Death

The widow of a former art teacher is looking for the source of her husband’s asbestos exposure after he died of mesothelioma in November of 2019. John Simpson’s family believe that it is highly possible he was exposed to the material during his time working in the Marist College on Cottingham Road, Hull where worked from September 1961 until his early retirement in 1988 shortly after which the college closed its doors.

A new blocked was added to the premises in 1961, this is what is believed to have contained asbestos in its construction. Another possible theory from the family lawyers, Thompsons Solicitors is that the nearby property of Waddington Tannery could have contributed to his exposure.

His wife, Jill said “”With the support of the asbestos team at Thompsons, we have narrowed down out search to the Marist College. But we now need more information from those who worked there” They are specifically looking for anyone who may have undertaken maintenance work on the property.


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