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Category: Monthly Reviews

December in Review

Here’s a roundup of December’s talking points from the world of Asbestos.

Bradford Hotel Face Asbestos Removal Fine

A hotel in Bradford’s city centre faced a fine earlier this month due to what were described as ‘unacceptable delays’ in the removal of asbestos on the site.

In November of 2017 there was asbestos found in many different areas of the Midland Hotel in Bradford, these areas were used by the hotel’s staff but were not open to guests such as a corridor in the basement and a lift shaft. However the court was......

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October in Review

Here’s a roundup of October’s big talking points from the world of Asbestos that we haven’t already covered on the blog.

Retired Sound Engineer to Sue ITV for Asbestos Exposure

John Sanders, an 81-year-old former sound engineer is suing media giant ITV over his claims that he contracted mesothelioma after his work on the creation of their former South Bank base, The London Studios for ITV predecessor London Weekend Television.

Mr Sanders legal representation Simon Kilvington QC explained to the high court how his client worked on the London Studios creation when it......

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September in Review

Here’s a roundup of September’s big talking points from the world of Asbestos that we haven’t already covered on the blog.

Derby Man Dies Due to Asbestos Poisoning

At the start of this month Barry Richards, an 83-year-old former city council worker died from mesothelioma. An inquest into Mr Richard’s death heard that the Derby resident most likely contracted an asbestos related disease in his 20s and 30s when he worked on repairing and maintaining houses that were built using asbestos.

Another place of work where he may have been exposed was Southgate......

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August in Review

Here’s a roundup of August’s big talking points from the world of Asbestos that we haven’t already covered on the blog.

Former Councillor’s Family Wins Case Against Asbestos Factory

The family of Philip Round, a 66-year-old journalist and town councillor who died from mesothelioma in 2018, won £300,00 in their case against an asbestos factory earlier this month in the town of Hebden Bridge, which has now become synonymous with asbestos related illness compensation.

It is believed that Mr Round came into contact with the dangerous substance in his family kitchen, after his......

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July in Review

Here’s a roundup of July’s big talking points from the world of Asbestos that we haven’t already covered on the blog.

Pensioner Who Worked with Asbestos Awarded Compensation

Errol Lee, a former employee of A J Stimson & Son (Somerby) Ltd successfully brought forward a legal case against the business, this was for claims of asbestos exposure during his time working for them after he was diagnosed with mesothelioma.

It was confirmed by the court that during his period with the company they failed to adequately protect their workers from the deadly material,......

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June in Review

Here’s a roundup of June’s big talking points from the world of Asbestos. Sydney High School Undergoes Major Asbestos Works An Australian high school recently had major work on one of its buildings due to asbestos found on the premises. The work took place between May and June of this year, with all students moved to other areas of the school. The education department for New South Wales has confirmed there is now a low risk of exposure to the material. This came after staff members raised their concerns that they had been exposed......

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April in Review

Here’s a roundup of April’s big talking points from the world of Asbestos. Vauxhall Park Renovation Delayed After Asbestos Discovered The renovation of Vauxhall park, costing £1.4 million, has been delayed for six months due to the asbestos being discovered in the play area when parts of it were dug up for new paths and a new playground. It was explained that the particles were there from buildings that had been demolished and not cleared during the 1950’s and 60’s. Lambeth council and their contractors, Idverde, decided on a plan to clean up the area but......

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March in Review

Here’s a roundup of March’s big talking points from the world of Asbestos.

Colombia Preparing for Asbestos Ban

Following 1,700 deaths in the last 50 years due to mesothelioma, Columbia are readying for a complete ban on asbestos.  After 12 years of fighting for this ban, campaigners finally got their wish last Summer, as House of Representatives voted unanimously to stop asbestos use, mining and export.

Columbia is one of just seven countries to now institute a complete ban on the production, distribution and commercialization of the substance. Journalist Ana Cecilia was diagnosed......

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February in Review

Here’s a round of February’s big talking points from the world of Asbestos.

Elizabeth Tower Rebuild Costs Rise
It was revealed that the cost of repairing the Elizabeth Tower, which houses Big Ben, rose by £18.6 million. The cause of the dramatic cost increase has been blamed on damage from a World War Two bomb being more extensive than initially thought, along with the discovery of asbestos at the site.

The cost of conservation work on the nearly 180 year old structure, which is due for completion at the end of 2021, is......

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January in Review

Despite being in a new year and a new decade there are still many news stories about asbestos breaking, here’s a round of January’s big talking points in the world of Asbestos.

Glasgow Charity Has Funding Cut
In January it was discovered that Glasgow-based charity, ‘Action on Asbestos’, had its funding stopped by the Glasgow city council. The charity was set up to help people who had been exposed to asbestos in the workplace.

Running for over 30 years, for the last 10 years they have had access to funding from the......

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