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Fire at Carlisle Recycling Centre Leads to Asbestos Fears

Asbestos fears have been raised in Carlisle after hundreds of tonnes of wate at a recycling centre went ablaze earlier in November. This took place at a unit which contained different materials such as wood, plastics and regular household waste.

Cumbrian police issued a warning telling those living nearby to ensure they have their doors and windows closed as a precaution due to the roof of the unit containing asbestos leading to worries the fibres could spread in the area.

The fire and rescue service for Cumbria remained on site for multiple......

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Inquest Hears of Derbyshire Man Exposed to Asbestos Working at a Power Station

An inquest held at Derby Coroner’s Court in October, looking into the death of a labourer from Derbyshire has heard how he died after being exposed to deadly asbestos whilst working at a power station without the necessary protective equipment.

87 year old Reginald Coleman, who died at his home in March of this year suffered from multiple illnesses that all linked back to his asbestos exposure. During the 1960s Mr Coleman along with his brother, who also died from asbestos exposure three years ago, worked as general labourers at the......

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Ayr Demolition Crew Halted for Asbestos Fears

A demolition crew brought in to work on the remnants of a massive gas explosions in Ayr, Scotland were halted recently due to fears that were asbestos containing materials in the debris.

Earlier in October a gas explosion hit in the area of Gorse Park, completely destroying one home, damaging others and hospitalising a family of four.

The houses that were worst effected in the blast are going to be flattened with a specialty team brought in to carry out the job. The team from the demolition company Caskie were told to......

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Bradford Construction Company Fined for Exposing Workers to Asbestos

A construction company based in Bradford has been fined due to breaching health and safety after their workers were exposed to asbestos during a shop conversion job in March 2019.

An investigation by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) found that the director of the company along with the casual labourers that they employed spent approximately three to four weeks working on this ceiling removal.

On the job in Hessle Road, Hull the unskilled and untrained employees were provided with a claw hammer and tasked with removing false ceiling tiles which unbeknownst......

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Unions Share Asbestos Fears Over High Volumes in Welsh Schools

Education unions have been warning of the potential danger pupils and teachers at Welsh schools could be facing due inconsistent monitoring of asbestos in their buildings.

This comes after a Freedom of Information (FOI) request put forward by BBC Wales has shown that over 900 schools in the country contain some level of asbestos. The majority of these are inspected at regular intervals however there are some surveys released that are 10 years old and with the asbestos marked as suspected rather than known.

This isn’t the first time this year that......

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HSE Launch New Site Inspection Initiative

Starting on Monday 4th October, Britain’s national workplace regulator for health and safety, the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) kickstarted a month long initiative focusing on inspections at construction sites of varying shapes and sizes across Great Britain to ensure workers are protected against dangerous dust inhalation.

This ranges from large scale commercial new builds to smaller projects such as domestic refurbishments that will be visited to check that all the necessary measures are in place to show that the health worker’s lungs are not in danger from dust exposure.

Inspectors from......

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Large Amount of Asbestos Found in Building Planned for Restoration Project

Proposed plans to open up a new arts centre in Wakefield were put on pause recently after a high quantity of asbestos was discovered in the building that was to be used for the centre.

Wakefield council were looking to open the new venue in what was a BHS store in the town that closed down in 2016, their desire is to convert the former shop into a centre that will house a museum, library, gallery as well as a café. This follows complaints from residents that the building is now......

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BBC to be sued by Family of Set Builder Due to Asbestos Inhalation

It has been confirmed that the BBC is facing another lawsuit from an asbestos related death, earlier in the summer it was reported that the widow of a member of the BBC Symphony Orchestra was taking action against the corporation due to the death of her husband (read our blog on this story here) and now the widow of a set builder who worked for the BBC from 1965 until 1988 is looking to follow suit. Valerie Evans, whose husband worked on creating the sets for BBC dramas such......

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New Report Shows Illness Faced by 9/11 First Responders

As we pass the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attack, a new report from the Fire Department of New York World Trade Center Health Program has highlighted the health effects that the firefighters who appeared on the scene following the tragedy are now facing. It is estimated that approximately 410,000 first responders were at the site of the attack in the following days and weeks inhaling toxic materials as they assisted in saving lives. Nearly 3,000 people died on what many termed ‘America’s Darkest Day’ but in the succeeding 20 years a......

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School Leaders Tell of Schools in Need of Investment

In England, teachers have been making their complaints known about schools not being up to scratch with leaking ceilings, heating systems that no longer work and the potential danger of Covid with ventilation systems that aren’t fit to deal with the threat of the contagious disease.

The declining state of UK schools and the potential dangers relating to asbestos is something we have covered in our blogs over recent years. With the government being urged to combat these issues (read here), an example of a school in......

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