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Australian Dust Taskforce Report to be Published

A national taskforce in Australia that was setup in 2019 to investigate dust related diseases in the country is due to publish their report in the coming days.

According to the official website for The Department of Health for Australia the main aim of this taskforce, announced in July 2019 by the Commonwealth Chief Medical Officer, Professor Brendan Murphy, is ‘to develop a national approach for the prevention, early identification, control and management of occupational dust diseases in Australia.’ In the seventh meeting held by the taskforce at the end of......

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Asbestos Worries in Welsh Schools After Wall Damage

Fears are being raised over potential asbestos exposure in schools located in the Welsh town of Conwy. This comes after a pupil recently damaged a wall that exposed the deadly material but was not flagged up when inspections then took place following the incident. This has led to the education department at Conwy council asking for £100,000 in order to resurvey all schools in the county due to concerns over these potentially inaccurate inspections that officers reported to the council had “raised alarm bells”. The Welsh government published guidance in 2019 that stated every......

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2021 Monthly Reviews - January

Here’s a roundup of January’s talking points from the world of Asbestos.

Death of Businessman Due to Asbestos Inquest Reveals

Cecil Duckworth, the multi-millionaire chairman of the Worcester Warriors rugby team as well as founding the Worcester Bosch business died towards the end of 2020 and the inquest into his death took place at the start of the year.

This inquest revealed that his cause of death was a form of mesothelioma due to the inhalation of asbestos fibres when he was developing his new boiler products during the 1960s, his widow confirmed.......

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December in Review

Here’s a roundup of December’s talking points from the world of Asbestos.

Bradford Hotel Face Asbestos Removal Fine

A hotel in Bradford’s city centre faced a fine earlier this month due to what were described as ‘unacceptable delays’ in the removal of asbestos on the site.

In November of 2017 there was asbestos found in many different areas of the Midland Hotel in Bradford, these areas were used by the hotel’s staff but were not open to guests such as a corridor in the basement and a lift shaft. However the court was......

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November in Review

Here’s a roundup of November’s talking points from the world of Asbestos that we haven’t already covered on the blog.

Asbestos Prosecution Following Gas Explosion in Chippenham

During November, a case was brought to Salisbury Magistrates Court in regard to a gas explosion in a flat in Chippenham during October of 2017 after construction work had taken place as part of flat developments.

After the explosion, the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) began an investigation the results of which found that the company contracted to advise and manage these developments, Prestige EA Ltd......

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Yorkshire University Opening Centre For Asbestos Diseases Research

A brand-new research centre, the Mesothelioma UK Research Centre - Sheffield (MURC-S) has opened up at the University of Sheffield this week. This centre will focus on research into finding the best possible ways to prevent and treat the disease of mesothelioma that is caused by exposure to asbestos. Their eventual aim as explained by the centre’s co-director, Prof Angela Mary Tod is to possibly find a cure to the terminal illness.

Ms Tod also from the University of Sheffield Health Sciences School explained the devastating impact of the deadly disease......

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Duty-Holders Warned to Continue Managing Asbestos During Lockdown

A joint statement by asbestos professionals, alongside certain UK trade bodies, implored all of those who have are responsible for locations and materials to continue keeping track and managing the asbestos in these sites and materials as the country goes through a second lockdown.. The release of this statement coincides with the continuing confusion surrounding which activities relating to the control and maintenance of asbestos are allowed during lockdown conditions. The confusion extends to duty-holders and the understanding of their legal duties named under the Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR) 2012 which remain......

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October in Review

Here’s a roundup of October’s big talking points from the world of Asbestos that we haven’t already covered on the blog.

Retired Sound Engineer to Sue ITV for Asbestos Exposure

John Sanders, an 81-year-old former sound engineer is suing media giant ITV over his claims that he contracted mesothelioma after his work on the creation of their former South Bank base, The London Studios for ITV predecessor London Weekend Television.

Mr Sanders legal representation Simon Kilvington QC explained to the high court how his client worked on the London Studios creation when it......

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HSE Dust Checks to Also Cover Compliance With COVID Rules

As has been the case for the last four year, The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is continuing to send out inspectors to assess dust inhalation standards on building sites. In addition, inspectors will now be checking that all firms are being compliant with the necessary COVID-19 rules.

These unannounced inspections are typically to ensure that all businesses are prioritising the health of their staff by putting measures in place that protect them and most importantly their lungs from encountering asbestos, silica and wood dust. According to the HSE, approximately 100......

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